Let’s face it, most people would agree Tom Cruise has a great smile, but does he really? As a dentist with expertise in orthodontics, I know what a great smile is and Tom Cruise’s is far from being a great smile, orthodontically speaking. Let’s look at

The Anatomy Of Tom Cruise’s Smile

Tom Cruise's Smile Analysed By A Dentist

Starting from top right going clockwise:

  1. Thin upper lip due to underdeveloped upper jaw.
  2. Gum line of 2nd tooth on the left is higher than 1st tooth and 3rd tooth higher again. Ideally the 1st and 3rd tooth should be about the same level and the 2nd tooth lower.
  3. The upper midline is drastically off to the left hand side. Probably due to a missing tooth. This is why it’s hard to find a frontal shot of Tom Cruise. He has learnt well to camouflage this by not having photos taken full frontal, but angled from the side.
  4. Gum levels are off and the smile width is narrow showing darkness between the edge of the lips.

Tom Cruise has won 3 Golden Globe Awards for his acting, but he’s not going to win any awards from a dental or orthodontic association anytime soon!

At Bay Dental And Orthodontics, we ensure that your smile is the best it can be. Not everyone has the style and charisma of Tom Cruise. Your smile is one of the most important cosmetic aspects who you are, one of the first features people look at to determine if they like you, want to do business with you, trust you…

It’s important that you get the best advice available. I’ve developed my skill and expertise as a dentist who specialises in orthodontic work. Give us a call if you’d like your smile analysed and improved. Today, there are so many cost effective and pain-free options available.

I bet you'll never see Tom Cruise's smile the same way ever again!