You may be totally unaware that you need an urgent root canal treatment…


Root canal treatment is carried out when the nerve (also called the “pulp”) inside a tooth is either inflamed or dead. The nerve may become inflamed or may die if there is significant decay in a tooth, if there is a large restoration (filling or crown), or if the tooth has been subjected to trauma.

The silent killer


The inflamed nerve may cause toothache or remain pain-free without you even knowing about it. When the nerve dies, the space it inhabits (the root canal) rapidly becomes infected with bacteria. This may cause pain and swelling in the supporting tissues (abscess), or the tooth may remain symptom-free.

That’s why regular checkups are necessary to prevent this costly problem from occurring. Still if you have been advised by a dentists that you need a root canal, you are in bad pain or there is pain and swelling around a tooth we advise you see Bay Dental And Orthodontics without delay.

The longer you wait a more extensive and costly surgical procedure may be your only option. Don’t neglect the health of your teeth and mouth!

Contact us today for an appointment where we can make an informed decision as to whether root canal therapy is advisable for you.