Katherine Heigl: Invisalign Testimonial

In Hollywood, a world where beauty matters a heck of a lot, many celebrities take the time to perfect flaws they feel uncomfortable with. These superstars set a standard of ideal attractiveness for the rest of the world but that doesn’t mean they were born completely flawless!

Previously, we broke down Tom Cruise’s smile and found that it wasn’t quite as perfect as most people originally believe it to be. This time around, we’ll switch genders and focus on a famous set of chompers dentists love talking about that now sits gorgeously aligned in Katherine Heigl’s mouth.

While Katherine wasn’t born with extremely horrendous teeth, there were enough problems to make her feel insecure for much of her life. After she became engaged, Katherine decided that she was going to have that perfect smile for her big wedding day.

Being an actress in box office movies as well as having been a main character on the hit television show, Grey’s Anatomy, means that walking around with silver braces is not a possibility for her to consider.

Because of this, Katherine chose to opt for the clear and discreet Invisalign aligners. When she first started wearing them in 2007, Heigl couldn’t stop talking about the wonders of Invisalign and what it was doing for her.

Like many adults who would, understandably, feel incredibly self-conscious walking around with prominent braces, Katherine wanted to fix her teeth with the least amount of attention pointing out her biggest insecurity.

Luckily for us, Katherine is known for being outspoken and isn’t shy when talking about her ‘wonky tooth’ and proudly showing off her Invisalign set:

Katherine Heigl Invisalign Video

Katherine Heigl Before InvisalignIf you’ve noticed, right in the middle of her interview, she pulls out her Invisalign trays for everyone to see! It’s a little difficult to see her teeth clearly in that clip so here is a ‘Before’ photograph. See if you can spot what’s wrong with her teeth: The most visible aspect is her two lateral incisor teeth slightly protrude outward farther than her front teeth. While this isn’t as apparent from the front view, it’s quite obvious when looking from this angle:Katherine Heigl Before Invisalign At An Angle

Many people notice crooked teeth and perceive it as only a cosmetic flaw when realistically, there are many other problems associated with it. When there is misalignment of teeth, as shown in Katherine’s incisors, it means that the upper and lower jaws are not aligned. It can also affect the function of the jaw which can lead to sore muscles and headaches.

This specific dental problem is extremely common due to the fact that more often than not, it’s hereditarily passed on from parent to child.

Invisalign isn’t suitable for people with weak roots or those who require more extensive dental work. Since Katherine Heigl’s protruding teeth are such a common occurrence, she was the perfect candidate for Invisalign after her visit to the dentist or orthodontist.

Although Katherine has always been a natural beauty, teeth and all, take a look at what a difference Invisalign has made for her:

Not only did Invisalign give her straighter teeth – it gives her entire face a brighter, more dazzling appearance because of her improved self-confidence.

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