Snap On Smile On Today Tonight

If you missed the Snap On Smile Sydney episode on Today Tonight that showed how to get perfect teeth, here it is below. We’ve blogged about Snap On Smile previously, but this television segment explains everything you need to know to get that Hollywood Smile you’ve always wanted.
Snap On Smile Sydney On Today Tonight – […]

Snap-On Smile

Wouldn’t you like to have that perfect Hollywood Smile for a fraction of the cost?

Now you can with Snap-On Smile®.As seen on the Today Tonight television show, this is the latest cosmetic solution from the United States. In two appointments you can have a life-changing smile. At Bay Dental and Orthodontics we strive to bring […]

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Tom Cruise’s Smile

Let’s face it, most people would agree Tom Cruise has a great smile, but does he really? As a dentist with expertise in orthodontics, I know what a great smile is and Tom Cruise’s is far from being a great smile, orthodontically speaking. Let’s look at
The Anatomy Of Tom Cruise’s Smile

Starting from top right going […]

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Sydney To The Gong Bike Ride

If you are new to this blog, I’m Dr Cary Fraser, a Sydney Eastern Suburb dentist with a dental practice based in Double Bay and I am going to squeeze into my cycling shorts and go the full 90 kms… on the Sydney To The Gong Bike Ride.

It’s not that it’s just a great […]

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Dentist In A Box!

This tongue-in-cheek look at home dentistry is very funny! We’re sure you would never do this… Dealing with a professional dentist and orthodontics specialist means you are always in safe hands to ensure your teeth and smile are always at their very best!

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August is Dental Health Month – Have You Thought Of your Dog?

August is Dental Health Month, a whole month dedicated to educating people on the importance of keeping a good dental care regime. This regime should include brushing twice daily, flossing twice daily, using mouthwash regularly and visiting your dentist for regular checkups. Additionally, a professional clean every six months is integral […]

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Bill Cosby On Dentists

Being a dentist means that every once in a while we have to laugh at ourselves even though we take your dental care very seriously and make sure you’re always comfortable an experience the least amount of discomfort. We hope you’re enjoying these funny YouTube Videos. We’re having fun finding them for you!

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Haggling With Your Dentist

At Bay Dental And Orthodontics, we are very flexible with payment options making sure you don’t put off important dental care and hygiene off until it’s too late. But we sincerely hope you won’t stoop down to this level…. Watch the YouTube video right to the end – and listen carefully – that’s where the […]

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Mr Bean Goes To The Dentist

As previously mentioned, this blog is one of the many ways we can establish contact with you and communicate with you on an on-going basis. Some of those conversations are going to be tongue-in-cheek, like today’s funny YouTube video or Mr Bean at the dentist. Only a talent like “Mr Bean” can make it THIS […]

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Funny YouTube Video

At Bay Dental And Orthodontics, we take your dental care very seriously, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a sense of humour! In fact, on this blog, from time to time, we’ll share some of our favorite dentist jokes and funny YouTube videos to keep you entertained about dentistry in general and your dental […]

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